In 2021, the podcast industry is going to grow even faster with a flurry of advertising activity and technological changes, which is a great news for content creators and listeners alike.

Here’s the top 5 podcast trends that are shaping the industry in 2021 and beyond.

1. Live podcasting continue to grow:

Live podcasting is the podcast trend that creates a new source of revenue. It also boosts audience engagement. These live episodes can be in the form of Questions and answer sessions, interviews, contests, debates, and live coverage of events. Popular live broadcasting options include Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Castbox, Twitch, Zoom and Livecast.

Live podcasting Platforms

2. Podcast ads are easier to produce:

Podcasts can target a specific audience more accurately than other media channels such as TV or radio stations, which broadcast to everyone within range of their signal that’s why podcast advertising is growing in popularity as people are avoiding traditional advertising methods like TV ads or radio. When it comes to monetization podcasters have a lot of options like sponsorships, selling digital products and online courses. Podcast advertising will give more exposure in 2021-2022 to advertisers if they create high-quality content.

3. Quality is driving force for existing growth:

Podcasters have to find new ways to fulfill the audience’s expectations. The future looks bright for podcasting, but it will take some laborious dedication from content creators to create entertaining and interesting content. Now, listeners have many podcast options, what they are looking for is, quality content. In upcoming years many companies will create better quality and relevant podcast content.

4. Listeners will accept more ads:

Everyone hates ads. Whenever we see ads on Tv we want to skip them. But on another side, we have to see ads in magazines. But in podcasts Listeners can choose which ads to listen to; that’s because podcast hosts can put custom sponsors into their podcast episodes at any point during the episode by playing an advertisement from their sponsor’s library. So, the decision will be on the listener if he wants to listen, it or not. It will give them control to accept more ads in future podcasts.

5. Podcasts will optimize for better search:

Voice search optimization is a feature that will give benefit to the people who are unable to find text-based content when they want to listen to podcasts or audiobooks. Voice search optimization can bring revolution to the podcast search as people can listen to it just by speaking they don’t need to touch the device. Podcasts may rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP) when this trend becomes more widespread. This is good news for podcast content creators because it can spread their content to a more wide audience.

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