No currency has ever held so much power over the consumers and economy as data. The quest for gold, aka data on the internet has led to a barrage of controversies. Anisha Nayar Dhawan talks to Akshay Garkel, Partner and Cyber Leader, Grant Thornton Bharat LLP, about the superpower that data manifests and how can it impact you and your online world.

What is data protection and privacy mean for businesses in India? In simple terms, data privacy is a consumer’s understanding of their rights as to how their personal information is collected, used, stored and shared. It is important to explain the use of personal information to consumers in a simple and transparent manner and in most cases, consumers must give their consent before their personal information is provided. Security professionals must not only protect data, but ensure that they are following these new rules to fully protect their customers and organizations worldwide. How should Indian businesses tackle data privacy and protection related challenges? Here the two most important things are – customers’ data and your own sensitive enterprise data. Akshay also shares his views on the recent face-off between social media companies like Facebook and Twitter and the Indian government.

Privacy & Data protection can’t be a part of information security function alone – it has to be organisation wide function at large.

Akshay Garkel

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