The Twitter controversy in India has opened up a can of worms as Twitter and the Centre still seem to be locked in a strange stalemate. There are apprehensions that government may use this opportunity to regulate online content even as the microblogging site reiterating its commitment to protect public conversation. This week we have Anjana Menon, CEO, Content Pixies, to talk about various aspects of this controversy.

Anjana Menon – one of the most celebrated business editors in India joins us in this very special episode to talk about twitter controversy. To add a little perspective, recently twitter decided to bring some changes in its labelling policy drawing ire of the government. Anjana says that it’s very hard for any establishment anywhere in the world to control each and every one of those voices, Twitter itself has grown largely as an unregulated platform. There is no regulation over whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, the rules that apply to a lot of other traditional media channels don’t really apply to them. It is imperative that you should have some sort of, regulation, but that should ideally follow some broad principles – principle of transparency and fairness and uniform rules. There must be a due process that’s followed. So, when there is regulation, that regulation mustn’t be arbitrary. This may be challenging since the whole world so polarized now that there is a space for a balanced view whether it’s the U S where you have Republicans versus the Democrats pro Trump versus anti-Trump or in Britain where we have seen fierce competition to own the narrative between those advocating Brexit versus, non-Brexit.

How do you make sure that it’s only going to be a balanced voice? I think that’s where the big challenge is.

Anjana Menon

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