What happens when a seasoned communication professional choses to use her craft in telling stories about the world that she has left behind long ago? The stories of the world around her give a fresh perspective about life. In this episode of Mrigashira, Anjana Menon shares with everything that you always wanted to know about her new book – Onam In A Nightie.

She says when life slows down, everything comes under a magnifying glass and we get to observe the extraordinariness of the ordinary and the funny in the mundane. It is this experience that she had to go through during her quarantine in Kerala that prompted Author, Anjana Menon the jot down her daily experiences as a diary which eventually became the book Onam in Nightie. In this podcast, Anjana discusses her latest book, its reviews and provides a few tips to wannabe authors.

When life slows down, you start observing things more closely. As a writer, you capture extraordinary stuff in the ordinary.

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