In today’s digitally connected world, brands and individuals need to get their fundamentals right while communicating with their audience. There is a remote chance of removing a mistake on the internet, in most of cases, it stays denting reputation forever. So, what are the basics that need to be taken care of? Anjana Menon has extracted decades of her experience as a journalist and a communicator in her recently released book ‘What’s Your Story – The Essentials Business Storytelling Handbook’ to underline what works and what doesn’t work in today’s hyper-connected world.

Anjana Menon has had a long journey as a Content professional. She is also the co-author of the book What’s Your Story?: The Essential Business Storytelling Handbook became a best seller within days of its launch. She is a consultant to CEOs and policymakers, a speaker at global conferences and a columnist. In this podcast, Radha Radhakrishnan speaks to her about her book, content marketing, importance of storytelling and social media strategy. Anjana cautions companies who try to adopt one size fits all and me too kind of approach in their marketing and communications. Listen to this extremely useful podcast with Anjana.

Brands should avoid FOMO trap and ask themselves what they stand for to build greater trust with their target audience.

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