Charu Raizada talks to Bhavna Imran, Communications Leader at Corteva Agriscience on how the farmer audience is embracing new digital technology and are using social media channels like facebook, whats app and twitter to their benefit.

It is very important for a communicator working in the agriculture industry to learn and use simplified messages while communicating. The farmers are embracing technology and using digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. With growing social media, farmers are keenly looking at learning various methods to make their farm produce better, basically more output per hectare. Interestingly, they have started using social media to educate themselves about the tools and techniques. The farmers are also communicating through the relevant apps also which talk about smart agriculture. They’re not just following their own traditional manners, but are also strongly looking at learning various methods of how to make their farm produce better, educating themselves about the latest tools and techniques. The transparent communication between the brands and consumers builds trust and creates a healthy relationship.

The farmers want to see the benefits, but they are still the traditional kind. So, the influencers are providing the great balance of the friendly neighbourhood trust builder. Two things – responsible communication and proactive communication; the engagement in the industry has been a lot more, not just with people who are directly related to the farm enterprise, but everybody who wants to talk about food – there’s a lot of knowledge and a lot of interest.

Anytime we shut the door on any conversation and dialogue, that is where the problem arises.

Bhavna Imran

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