COVID-19 has changed the world of communication forever. The whole contentmarketing vertical has gone for a complete overhaul throwing up plenty of new opportunities for storytelling. Debdatta Das shares her experience and learning in this episode with Radha Radhakrishnan.

Debdatta Das is the head of content strategy, digital CNBC TV18 and winner of LinkedIn content 50, India. Debdatta is a content marketing specialist. In this episode she speaks about emerging trends in digital content consumption, and monetization. She says that digitization was the way forward, but it was, it was a slow-moving process. What COVID did was that it snowballed what five years of digitization would look like into a month, and then the whole thing started rolling, in terms of consumption. In addition to this a lot of social media platforms, a lot of digital news platforms, a  lot of television have also gone through a kind of a transformation and giving special attention to veracity of the news, which is going to become a major area of concern in days to come.

Suddenly advertising has become all about ROI.

Debdatta Das

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