In conversation with Charu Raizada are three noticeable women, each doing her bit towards breaking down barriers for women in leadership: Dr. Deepa Sethi, Professor, Chairperson, PGP – LSM, IIM Kozhikode (Kerala); Mou Chakravorty, communications strategist at Deloitte and a Council Member at Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) Public Relations & Digital Marketing Council; Priya Bendre, a communication Strategist with Fortis Healthcare and a council member with WICCI Public Relations & Digital Marketing Council.

Mrigashira celebrates the spirit of womanhood by deep diving into issues pertaining to women, including biases at the policy level, key gaps and steps required to bridge the same. Dr. Deepa Sethi, Mou Chakravorty, Priya Bendre, will be sharing their understanding and wisdom with Charu Raizada.

Unlike most other professions, women already form a very large part of the workforce in communications and other creative professions – 34 percent compared to a national average of 14 percent. However, the challenge before this industry is the high dropout rate. The ratio drops to just 11 percent at senior management positions, and a mere 3 percent in boardrooms.

Mrigashira explores the key gaps associated with women traversing the leadership ladder

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