Dr. Narendra Kinger, RCI licensed Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Founder of ‘Talk To Me’ speaks to Charu Raizada in this episode of Mrigashira about Mental Health and work life balance. Dr. Narendra Kinger talks about how mental health has become more important post COVID period these days. An insightful and informative conversation on the meaning of mental health epidemic is worth listening to.

There are all indications that say, one out of five, or one out of six, going through a mental health issue in our country. And yes, it’s taken very, really serious epidemic kind of proportions over here. There’s a real great urgency for government, for individuals, for policymakers, for corporates, for people in media for almost everybody to make mental health a priority. We really need to understand that we have to use the power of the internet, or whatever tools which are available to us today, to kind of add them as value add to mental health services. 

There’s a real great urgency for almost everybody to make mental health a priority

Dr. Narendra Kinger

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