Branding is an art of unfolding the customer touch points and we can understand the customer touch points by researching and analysing the data. This week on Mrigashira we have Dr. Nirmalya Kumar, world’s leading thinkers on strategy and marketing, Professor of Marketing at Singapore Management University in conversation with Charu Raizada. He shared his wisdom on importance of research and data, in building powerful brands.

With many changes in business models, constant shifts in consumer behaviour, it’s important to note that skills that made companies successful in the past, may not be as relevant in the future. Importance of communication research as a guide to identify and explore many inter related elements – is gaining ground.

In this episode of Mrigashira, we speak to Professor Nirmalya Kumar to get a better understanding of the changing consumer behaviour and the value of building a research culture.

Dr. Nirmalya Kumar is one of the leading marketing scholars in the world and a Professor of Marketing at Singapore Management University. He has produced some of the most influential academic research on the topic of interfirm relationships. He has also written multiple books on leadership, branding, private label strategy, global marketing and spoken at several TED Talks on marketing and innovation. 

Everybody can have their own opinion, but you can’t have your own data.

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