Communication is more than just sharing thoughts. A professional communication approach should transcend cultural, lingual and geographical barriers. In this episode of Mrigashira we have Eleanor Tan, a senior communication professional with global experience, talk to us on the right ingredients that make cross-border communication highly effective.

As doing business in global markets becomes essential, it’s time for communicators to meet the demands of cross-border, multi-country communications. How can companies create seamless campaigns across geographies, in line with the local culture? What makes the customer, the media and the government unique in each country? Listen to Eleanor Tan, a senior communications executive with international experience, a front runner in internal and change communications. 
Eleanor has led communications for 14 APAC offices, driving and implementing programs, working in close consultation and partnership with the regional and global leadership team.

Understand how your collegues want to be communicated to, understand their working styles.

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