In this episode of Mrigashira, Gaurav Sarup, Director, Carbon and Social Performance at Vedanta Resources Limited talks to Charu Raizada about the sustainable development initiatives by Vedanta, its impact on society, and the environment.

Climate crisis is real and it requires a collective effort from the governments, public and common people to ensure that no more damage is done to the earth. For corporate, it is even a bigger responsibility and therefore sustainability is no more a fancy word but a commitment that they have to fulfil.

Recently Vedanta was recognized by Dow Jones Sustainability Index for its contributions towards a sustainable tomorrow. In less than an year Vedanta’s commitment has improved its rankings to 12 from 21. As the world moves towards embracing climate conscious organizations, companies are forced to rethink about managing their climate related business risks and management strategies.

Lot of the work that we currently engage is focused on improving the efficacy of our processes.

Gaurav Sarup

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