Charu Raizada is in conversation with Priyanka Gupta Zielinski, Director – MPIL Steel Structures Ltd; Author of ‘The Ultimate Family Business Survival Guide’. Together they discuss how small businesses in the communications industry could pivot back and survive during the pandemic.

Zoom back a year – we saw a collapse of many businesses across sectors. Memories are still raw.

The communications industry had its fair share of setbacks. Small businesses got the brunt of it – some on the brink of closure. As we try to pivot back, we felt it was time to speak to someone who had lived the situation and then bounced back.

Drawing from her dynamic experience working with her family-owned company MPIL Steel Structures Ltd, Priyanka Gupta Zielinski, shares some valuable lessons. So if you are someone with your own set up or are planning to don the entrepreneurial hat, this is the episode for you.

Priyanka is a Director with MPIL Steel Structures Ltd and author of ‘The Ultimate Family Business Survival Guide’

We never hear success stories of small businesses. These are the businesses that actually persist against all odds.

Priyanka Gupta Zielinski

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