In our latest episode, we have Charu Raizada with Trigya Singh Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Specialist with On Purpose Consulting, talking about how the ESG proposition leads to higher value creation for businesses and as communicators, what we can do.

In this episode of Mrigashira, we tune in to the larger discussions around a strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) proposition. The narrative to create value for companies and their shareholders has never been more integral than now for any business. Economist Milton Friedman wrote half a century ago that “It may well be in the long-run interest of a corporation, to devote resources to providing amenities to [its] community or to improving its government. That may make it easier to attract desirable employees, it may reduce the wage bill . . . or have other worthwhile effects.”

Since shareholders and stakeholders do not compete in a zero-sum game. Building a strong connection with broad elements of society creates value and builds resilience into the business model.

ESG is not just CSR, it’s not just sustainability, it’s not just governance, it’s not just good practices. It’s everything.

Trigya Singh

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