Shereen Bhan, Managing Editor, CNBC TV 18 reveals how pandemic has created a world of new opportunities in mainstream media in her conversation with Radha Radhakrishnan in this special episode of Mrigashira. She also admits that a lean team too could deliver amazing results if managed well.

This episode features Shereen Bhan – Managing Editor, CNBC-TV18. She shares her views on a lot of issues related to the media in the current circumstances. She says that mainstream media needs a lot of introspection the real needs of the viewer have just been ignored, have been forgotten. they’re not servicing the viewer, or the consumer. And I think that poses an existential issue and an existential threat for the business per se. She sees a bright spot in the regional content and how people are doing exceptional work independently without the backing of a giant media house. They are doing a lot of good work in terms of just bringing you stories from the ground. She also highlights the fact that pandemic has brought a lot of radical changes in the functioning of a news organisation. They have discovered the art of news collection with bare minimum resources.

Pandemic has helped us relearn that you can do a lot with a lean team.

Shereen Bhan

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