A must listen chat between Karthik Nagendra and Radha Radhakrishnan on ‘ all about thought leadership’. Thought leadership is one of those mystical buzzwords that often gets mistaken and misused. Dr. Karthik Nagendra, author of the book ‘The Thought Leader Way’ explains all about thought leadership in an exclusive conversation with Radha Radhakrishnan.

The episode features Dr. Karthik Nagendra, a serial entrepreneur who has two decades of experience across strategy, marketing, operations and HR. He says customer loyalty is becoming thinner by the day. Brands, particularly the b2b ones, will be able to capture better market share if they harness the power of thought leadership. HE further elaborates that content, strategy and content marketing itself is an emerging area. Thought Leadership is a culture and it’s a mindset. It requires long term sustained efforts before you actually start seeing tangible outcomes of your efforts.

Thought Leadership is a culture. It is a mindset.

Karthik Nagendra

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