In this podcast with Mrighashira, Kavita lakhani, Executive Director at GolinOpinion and President of Women’s Indian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry’s (WICCI) PR & Digital Marketing Council discusses with Radha Radhakrishnan about WICCI’s new Council’s charter and the challenges women face in the PR and Digital marketing sector.

WICCI is a body – for the women and by the woman. It is the only body which focuses on women empowerment and women enablement. There are 150 sectors represented today in WICCI.

There are four main activities or mandates for the Council. One is ensuring that we have a good number of networking events where women can participate. In most cases, networking events are paid events. Second, most women in our sector don’t have easy access to mentorship, and they need this. So, having mentoring programs is essential. The third area is up-skilling. We are actively going in that direction to equip and enable women, particularly those who are returning after a break. The fourth area is client roundtables, to talk about best practices within this industry and how women can reach the top and how they can progress in their career.

Communication is an industry with a significant percentage of the younger population. Many are under 35 years of age. These are people who come with a lot of enthusiasm, energy, drive, and ideas. They can experiment, think outside the box and experiment outside the box.

There is much talent over there that’s looking for guidance, looking for direction and looking to move up. And the very fact that all these bodies have existed and yet the number of women progressing to leadership positions is dismal which indicates that there is room for doing a lot more.

There are many bright women around us who have smashed the proverbial glass ceiling to create an identity for themselves. Their hard work, perseverance, and ability to stay afloat despite unfavourable circumstances have made all the difference. However, the fight continues…

Its important for women to not just stay in their careers but also rise.

Kavita Lakhani

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