In a post pandemic world, sustainability and health have become the buzzwords that drive brands. Sustainability has now emerged as a very definitive transformative force that might completely change existing industries and create new ones.

Conversations around purpose and consumer behaviour cannot be complete without addressing consumers dilemma  – who increasingly are looking for sustainable brands, though are challenged for choices and financial viability.

Sustainability cannot be dismissed as a fad – it is fast becoming a way of life. It may mean different things to different people. But those who care enough are willing to weigh the consequences. Why just the consumer, even governments are acknowledging responsible business practices, that are more environment friendly.

In this episode of Mrigashira, Charu Raizada speaks to Lulu Raghavan – a Brand and Design evangelist, Managing Director of Landor & Fitch India. Lulu is an expert in all aspects of brand transformation including creating new brands, refreshing tired brands and optimising brand architecture.

Greenwashing or making a promise that’s very superficial will easily be called out in this digitally transparent world that we live in.

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