The social impact approach needs to be value-aligned and impact-driven. Brands often struggle to find the right balance between pushing a narrative and building a community of followers that inspires and engages. Meena Vaidyanathan demystifies impact communications with Charu Raizada.

With this episode, we step into the world of change and development. If you are working on a social change project or interested in finding your feet in the development space, then listen in to Meena Vaidyanathan, who, along with her team works towards setting the stage for organizations to perform as more socially aware and conscious businesses. 
Meena Vaidyanathan, is a social entrepreneur, founder of Niiti Consulting. She is a change management consultant and a visiting faculty at many institutions on marketing and sustainability. 
Niiti consulting has supported organisations through various stages of development and requirements, from strategy and mentorship to research and documentation to capacity building. They work across a range of industry sectors from agriculture and rural livelihoods, to urban slums, technology and gender safety, to develop solutions that are grounded in reality.


Start looking at evaluation processes as a means to bring in better efficiency and better effectiveness.

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