Charu Raizada, a communications expert, shares how communication is keeping pace with the rapid developments in the pharma sector and Minol Ajekar of Puravankara Groups talks about making communications as a profit center in modern day organisations.

Minol heads corporate communications, CSR and business operations for Purvankara, one of the well- known reality companies in South India. At Purvankara she takes pride in how she has made Corporate communication function on responsibility for revenue and profits. She says that the role of communications is very important in business growth since it really handholds the business and management and, and constantly remind them that while it maybe not fully tangible, the value that communication that to the entire business ecosystem is absolutely great. The advent of social media and the value of tangible results that it produces gives us a great opportunity to and tell the management that we deserve a seat at the table. We should have a seat at the table because the organization needs us more now. One of the big things is we need to really start understanding that as communications professionals are the brand custodians, reputation manager and also the first line of defence, which makes their role all the more important.

Communication is probably one of the only functions that is going to be able to humanize the organization.

Minol Ajekar

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