Whenever those most stressful jobs lists come out, the public relations industry is nearly always there. Exhaustion, anxiety and burnout are causing severe mental health issues in the industry but thankfully industry is waking up to this problem in a post COVID world. Radha Radhakrishnan speaks to Nikhil Dey to understand how we can deal with this ‘pandemic’ effectively.

Public Relations is one of the most stressed professions and stress can also lead to mental health issues. Nikhil Dey, one of the most respected leaders in the communications industry, speaks on the steps agencies are handling mental health issues and stress particularly. He highlights the need to remove stigma attached to mental health issues. He feels that anybody who opens up and has the courage and the comfort to talk about it is going to be one more drop in that ocean. One more person who unmute themselves. One more person who says, Yes, I’m part of the solution, rather than trying to say that, no, this may happen to others, but I’m okay. And it’s not always about, it’s like different days, you have different situations, some days, you can be in a place where you’re really on top of the world. And you don’t have to be always in the in that hollow or in that trap in order to evangelize it. But if you care enough about the topic, and if you’ve seen how, it has helped you bounce back, then even on the day, when you’re on top, you can be a flag bearer for this topic to get more and more people comfortable expressing themselves unmuting themselves taking that step.

Don’t bottle it up, don’t hold it in, find a way to find a solution is the message.

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