Charu Raizada in conversation with two seasoned professionals and first time authors on the power of communication. 

The CEO’s credibility is at an all-time low and this calls for a shift in attitude by businesses, as they are expected to fill the void left by the government. Trust is something that must be earned. It is not something that today’s business leaders can take for granted, because both internal workforces and external publics are increasingly cynical. Hence, communications today deserves to be a core function of an organization. It is time the CEO uses it to the company’s best advantage.

To discuss more on the subject, our guest today is Paarul Chand, co-author of ‘A Question of Trust’.

Packed with data and valuable insights from global corporate communications leaders, this book is a go-to for CEOs and business leaders looking to consolidate their brands and cultivate trust.

Our second guest is another debutant author, a Communication and Public Relations expert, Ritu Bararia. Her book “Little Joys of communication’ is a compilation of articles – written based on her own knowledge and learnings as a corporate leader. The book talks about the traditional PR and communication practices that existed when Ritu started her career almost 2 decades back and how the practices transformed and evolved over a period of time and why it is essential to implement a mix of both.

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