This episode covers deep insights on latest developments in the media industry with veterans like Vikram Chandra, Founder, Editorji Technologies; Melissa Arulappan, Head, Corporate Communications, IQVIA India and Harish Bijoor, Founder, Harish Bijoor Consult Inc. talking about technology in media, women in public relations and brand Dhoni post retirement.

The first episode of this series turned out to be a special one with great insights from some of the top industry veterans like Vikram Chandra, Melissa Arulappan and Harish Bijoor.

In this exclusive chat Vikram shares his perspective on how digital consumption of news is going to bring in the much-needed democratisation of news. He also explains how he is using artificial intelligence to empower the audience.

Melissa Arulappan – a noted leader in the communications industry shares her views on providing a level playing field to women employees in the industry.

A brand expert like Harish Bijoor also shares some interesting observations on Dhoni choosing a new age platform like Instagram to announce his retirement. 

SKIP TO: 01:03 Skip the Mrigashira intro.

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