The concept if ageing gracefully is fast gaining currency in India. There are many organisations that are now giving it a professional assistance. Radha Radhakrishnan speaks to Piali Dasgupta of Columbia Pacific Communities to understand how a structured public relations approach is being used to build a narrative around a community that needs to be built.

Piali Dasgupta is the head of communications for Columbia Pacific Communities – India’s largest senior living community operators. It is a part of the Seattle based Columbia Pacific Management. She talks about the exciting opportunities that a very special and untapped sector such as senior community living offers to communications professionals. There are a lot of scope for creativity and need to change the narrative around senior community living which has moved beyond old age homes. She says that changing perceptions happen with a net change in narrative, and how do we change that and that’s where our marketing efforts come into play. Our creative efforts come into play, what we do as a brand comes into play, a brand marketing comes into play, there is obviously a huge role that PR plays as well.

How do you make advertising less of an interruption and intrusion and more of a narrative, by using tools like storytelling, is what we do.

Piali Dasgupta

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