The new digital rules have received mixed responses from the industry.  Our guest this week, Pranjal Sharma, Economic Analyst, Advisor and Author of India Automated shares his views with Charu Raizada on this contentious issue and its possible ramifications on Social Media giants like Twitter and WhatsApp.

The new IT rules have received some praise and much criticism, and their impact will start to become clearer as they are implemented. People have even argued that the government does not have the right to change the laws. Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter are challenging the new privacy policy.

In our attempt to safeguard our privacy and freedom of speech, are we missing the big picture? Is right to privacy above national interest? These are some of the questions we asked our guest, Pranjal Sharma.

Pranjal is an economic analyst, advisor and author of India Automated. He leads public discourse at global and national platforms including World Economic Forum. He guides projects on economic forecasting, business intelligence & public diplomacy to interpret policy impact on industry and society. And as most of us know, he spent more than two decades in print, internet and television media, mostly in leadership roles with focus on India’s economic engagement with the world.

You cannot have absolute sense of privacy in an open democratic society, absolute freedom of expression is also not allowed.

Pranjal Sharma

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