During this challenging phase how important is it for companies & individuals to invest in innovation & ideation? Radha Radhakrishnan gets some interesting inputs from R. Sridhar Innovation Facilitator, Consultant, Coach in this episode.

Our guest in this episode is legendary R Sridhar, Speaker, Ideation Facilitator, Executive Coach and Author. He tells us the importance of ideation and innovation in challenging times. And what people in our sector can do to ideate better. He says that it’s absolutely imperative that we start looking for new ways of doing things, new ways of serving customers, new ways of keeping in touch, new ways to demonstrate that we care. So, everybody’s in terms of business, everybody’s under pressure, the customer is under pressure.

He further explains that you have to understand your customer, understand his point, and I have to be able to go with a new idea that actually solve this problem, or help him, you know, actually seize new opportunities.

The core value is delivering value through new ideas.

R Sridhar

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