Organizations cannot afford continued conflicts, especially in highly competitive markets. In this episode Radhika Shapoorjee, Founder & CEO, Mediation Mantras talks about how mediation can help communicators to resolve conflicts in business.

In today’s times, as communicators, knowing the art of mediation and negotiation is more of a life skill, to help people and businesses build winning relationships. On this episode of Mrigashira, we are going to familiarise ourselves with the basics and learn more with Radhika Shapoorjee.

A seasoned communication leader and a certified Mediator from the Indian institute of Arbitration and Mediation, Radhika is India’s specialist Mediator for the Singapore International Mediation Centre. She has three decades of professional experience across advertising, public relations and corporate communications.

How do we shift from a win lose to a win win situation? And this shift in mindset is at the heart of what mediation can do.

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