Are we living in the age of intolerance and misinterpretation? While brands need to be sensitive towards consumer sentiments and address them to a large extent but should they react to each and every objection that they come across? Students of Commits Bangalore share their views on the Myntra logo controversy.

This episode features students of Commits College in Bangalore who expressed their views on the Myntra logo controversy. There were divergent views but it was heartening to see young minds expressing themselves freely. Some of them felt that most of the Indian population may not have even noticed the resemblance with the supposedly naked women on the Myntra logo and the whole controversy was blown out of proportion. There were others who wondered how a smaller brand would have reacted to this issue? A group of students highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusivity policies and programs so, in a marketing team or in your branding team, it is so important to have a diverse community, who can actually give you a various different perception to avoid such controversies. Overall, it turned to be a deeply engaging chat with some of the brightest young minds which are going to shape the industry in future.

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