Artificial intelligence and machine learning is all set to change the way we have been producing and consuming media content. This week on Mrigashira we have Tarun Katial talks with Radha Radhakrishnan on How technological intervention is going to revolutionize media industry.

Content marketing is both art and science. While many are good at the art of content marketing, the science behind it has also become significant with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this episode Radha Radhakrishnan deep dives into this interesting aspect of content creation with Tarun Katial, one of leaders in the media industry with proven expertise in media technology and content creation. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools can help you do content creation and content strategy backed by actual data, not gut instinct and it can help you do them at scale. They also empower you to identify content that finds resonance with your average target audience instead. 

This episode also discusses the future of traditional media or the large media houses. How will they survive? What strategy is going to work and how they can stay relevant to the audience in the long run. Tarun strongly advocates the need for building a multi-content format and investing in building communities. There is a great scope of people paying for good digital content. Traditionally, Indians have been paying for content- print, TV or cable. Digital content consumption is going to be more rewarding as they are able to measure what they get out of the content that they are consuming. 

Large media has to invest in building communities with personalized multi content format.

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