Charu Raizada is in conversation with Vikram Chandra, veteran Journalist, Anchor and now Founder, Editorji Technologies. Together they talk about information bankruptcy and the role of media in bridging the resultant trust deficit.

One of the key issues today both in India and the global arena is the steady erosion of people’s trust in governments, businesses, NGO’s, media – institutions by in large. This has become far more evident during the pandemic era and now as we tussle to step out of the pandemic. The 21st Annual Edelman trust barometer declares information Bankruptcy at the core. We see a trend towards higher mistrust towards all information sources be it traditional media, social media, search engines, owned media. The spokesperson is under scrutiny. The report also brings to fore the personal and persistent fears of people in the world and in India.

I think we’ve been facing a mounting trust deficit for a very long period of time.

Vikram Chandra

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