Blockchain technology has emerged as a disruptor but there is still a lot of mystery around it. In this episode of Mrigashira, Philippe Borremans, Founder/Consultant, RiskComms FZCo explains how blockchain is going to impact every sector, including public relations.

Traditionally, crypto has been associated with the evasion of law by criminals. But today, we acknowledge the fact that blockchain technology is transformative, on the cusp of bringing in a revolution. Just as any new technology – it too has its share of skepticism. For communicators willing to take the plunge, there are lots of opportunities in the blockchain sector.

Listen to this interesting conversation with Philippe Borremans –  founder of RiskComms FZCO. Philippe specializes in Emergency Risk & Crisis Communication and is the President of the International Public Relations Association (2021).

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There’s a huge blind spot from the profession, how blockchain will impact our own day to day operations.

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