Radha Radhakrishnan in conversation with Madhavan Narayanan, Columnist Editor, Commentator, on how digitalization has revolutionized media content creation, consumption, and dissemination. Tune in to hear how the audience is shifting towards opinion-based content.

In this episode, Madhavan Narayanan speaks on a range of topics from the state of journalism in India, to government’s decision to regulate digital news media and OTT. One of his most interesting observations is how media has evolved over the years. He says that earlier because of various restrictions on costs, you know, the only the educated people could work for the media. Yeah, because it was all about a certain section of well-heeled media, middle class talking to each other, using the newspapers or TV panels as a medium, and the cost of technology in order to own a newspaper or a TV channel about 30-40 years ago, you need to have big capital, prime real estate, location, absolutely. All that is gone. Now, you can now sit in a corner of Amaravati and run a TV channel all over the world, if you want on our YouTube channel. And digital technologies have dramatically lowered the cost of entry. And this is for the broadcasters or people who want to share their opinions. Today I’m doing with my smartphone. I mean, I have 200,000 plus followers on Twitter. So, my follower count is more than the circulation of some new leading newspapers,

You no longer find news, news finds you.

Madhavan Narayanan

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