The future of communication in Asia report has recently come. In this episode Sarah Crawshaw, Managing Director Asia Talent Advisor for AWPeople / Teneoand Stephen Thomas, Independent Communications Advisor talks about that report and shares insights on upcoming trends.

With the corporate communication function undergoing a significant change, the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) decided to delve deeper and has recently come up with a research report – The “IPR Future of Communications in Asia”. The findings of the report are an outcome of in-depth interviews with 30 senior communication professionals and three focus group discussions with 20 communication leaders, which included representation from India as well. 
Sarah Crawshaw, Managing Director Asia Talent Advisor for AWPeople / Teneo, an expert in executive search and talent management solutions and Stephen Thomas, an Independent Communications Advisor, who provides stewardship that helps organizations to succeed in a complex, high profile, highly regulated sectors in the Asia-Pacific region, share with us upcoming trends from the report.

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