Radha Radhakrishnan speaks to Sarika Naik, Chief Marketing Officer, Chairperson Diversity & Inclusion at Capgemini India, on the importance of effective and engaging employee communication in work from home and remote work culture.

An engineer by education and with diversified experience in leading global IT companies, our guest in this episode is Sarika Naik, Chief Marketing Officer & Chairperson, Diversity – India, Capgemini. She says that COVID-19 has completely changed the way communication happens in large organisations. She adds that COVID started in early 2020, and we are still in the throes of the same virus attack, the challenges that we faced last year and the challenges that face us today, there is a dramatic difference between them. The biggest challenge is to ensure that employees feel closer to the organisation despite a prolonged work from home phase. She also underlines the importance of new initiatives such as a policy on domestic abuse which her organisation recently launched. This won’t have been possible if pandemic hadn’t happened. Not only has the importance of communication increased, employees are consuming this communication with a lot more interest in a lot more detail. We believe that today, those organizations that are communicating very transparently, openly are the ones where the employee engagement and the employee performances have not taken a beating.

The first focus was get employees to safety, enable work from home, make sure that business continuity happens.

Sarika Naik

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