Stress is a silent killer but we don’t talk about it much. A fast-paced urban lifestyle has indeed brought us a lot of material wealth and happiness but it has also resulted in increased stress levels amongst the city dwellers. The good part is that people are no longer ignorant about it and there are professionals working to help them cope up with the stress and maintain their emotional equilibrium. 
In this episode of Mrigashira we have Vijay Bhat, Founder and Cancer Coach at Cancer Awakens talk about the scientific approach to handle stress. In a deep dive into this subject with Radha Radhakrishnan, he also talks about a simple diagnostic tool that he has developed for better diagnosis of stress levels and remedies to fight it effectively.

“Just like leadership skills or presentation skills that are developed consciously. We need to develop coping skills for pressure. You can’t develop it until you first diagnose it. “

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